My past can no longer hinder my future state of mind and being 

I am not looking back at the woulda shoulda couldas I am moving onward 

I leave the pain, hurt, frustrations, old loves, and bitter sweet times in complete isolation to this present place of mine 

Progress can only be met when we lay the old thoughts to rest, so I brought a ticket, it was a priceless one of faith not fear, and I discovered that from now on I will invest in me  

For I seek the purpose filled life where my destiny is moving swiftly before my eyes not turned into a pillar of salt because I took my eyes away from the head of my heart and was lost 

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Health for Granted

We take for granted things like walking, sight, talking, and movement of our bodily rights 

We take for granted eating what we want until we feel the weight in our bellies bogging us down 

We take for granted the ability to hear the melodious sounds of voices raised in pleasantries 

I respect you more now, body, temple, fleshly shell, for I know what it is to feel sickness related to habits and customs that are unhealthy, I know what it is to see people take their health for granted and mock the sick with their lack of care, I want to do better, no longer be the one to abuse and misuse you with unwanted wear and tear 

Someone can’t move any limb, and yet I can 

Someone can’t see the beauty of color, and yet I can 

Someone can’t hear the sounds of nature, and yet I can 

Someone can’t walk, run, jump, climb, hop, skip, and yet, I can 

I grant you this, let us not be ungrateful with our gifts, let us not take for granted the healthiness of the living of life! 

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Who me? 

Never that, its just that sometimes in the day,in the evening, in the night the dreaded doubt 

comes to life and tries to take flight 

inside my mind 

Time after time I suppress this feeling only to find that my heart is not totally willing 

to let go 

But yet, I still remain indebted to you, for only through you will true faith come forth 

and totally destroy any doubt, what I realize is God is in control and all ready working everything out!

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People Problems

Was she looking at me?

I wander what they think about me?

Can they see my true identity?

Were my words too strong or my facial expressions just right?

Did I smile or grimace at the irritation I felt? Maybe I hid it before they left.

Inner doubt and worry plague my mind, when I contemplate the people all around

Friends, strangers, family, and loved ones, abound

Yet in there presence it seems I’ve found

a reason to fear

the external forces I can’t control, whether you like,love, hate, me

I have no true hold

Cuz in reality you are not my problem,

You are just People faced with the same insecurities as me,

Hoping to deflect the internal struggle of falling short of praise, and yet seeking to carve some individualism in the pool of those who appear the same

What I really mean to say is, at the end of the day

When the sky casts away light I hope that even if you can’t see me, I appear to GOD in a blazing light!

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I won’t allow you to place a sticker with a name tag on my chest and leave it there to tear fabric from my shirt once I discard it later. I’m sure you would like it if I let your surface area identity complexes  phase me, but I won’t!


I may even go crazy sometimes….but I will never ever be


by the labels of society and the shallowness of small minds, so when you see me walking proudly and unashamed realize that your adhesive placed tags and badges, full of outer image obsessiveness, for me hold no claim, and when you feel the need to label me, please remember this one thing, for I believe it is the CREATOR who in the end will choose my final name!

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My Man

When I first met you in my youth even then I knew

that you were my kindred spirit

Fear made me doubt, and my inexperience told me to run

because the bond we shared was such an uncommon one

years passed on and we both grew and changed I thought of you again

and decided to stake my claim, I knew what the power of words could do

so I wrote a love letter in  the guise of  a friendly how do you do?

Your response was not as quick as I would have liked but eventually you got it right

we began the dance of courtship and during the waltz my cheeks hurt from the wideness of my smile

in just a short while you asked me to be your wife, I agreed to do the deed,

and now we are a family of six, living in love and bliss

I love you My Man

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Country Girl

Oh I’m a Country Girl Can’t you see

Born and raised in North Cakalakee

Childhood days spent outside

Duck Duck Goose, Freeze Tag, Hide n Seek, Mother May I

Yes, you may

Playin outside all day

Makin dirt mud pies, collard green leaves, rocks for meat

Makes you think back

When worries were easy

Days were long and lazy

Spent in the hot Summer sun

Running from bugs and water hoses held by aunts and uncles

Don’t forget cook out bashes with smoke-filled goodness

Causing your stomach to quake, all the pork and sides your belly could take

Winter comes in with a slight chilly breeze

We put on our gear and pray for snow hoping for the day when school will close

Holidays come in with a cheer for family gatherings were near

Oh I’m a Country Girl, Proud and Loud

I would not take nothing for the livin I lived nor the quiet air that woke me with morning dew

I realized  in this Country, my Country, This Country Girl was Blessed to be Alive!

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